Getting Past Fear

Yesterday I went to the gym – reluctantly, and thought about why I felt the way I did. Going to the gym and getting exercise is good for your body but why didn’t feel up to the task? The conclusion I came up with was fear. “Fear?” You might ask. Yes, fear. Fear that I’ll get stuck in traffic. Fear that my workout will be painful. Fear that I can’t lift a certain weight or reach a certain goal.

Dealing with the fear

Did my fear stop me? No. In fact, I didn’t get stuck in traffic. The workout was hard but bearable. On top of that I hit a new max. So, what was this fear about? Unfortunately this happens to all of us. Not just at the gym, but at work, in our relationships, in everything we do. How do you get past fear?

  1. Acknowledge your fear – Why are you feeling this fear? What is keeping you from doing what you know you want to do?
  2. Feel the fear – Sorry to tell you, but you can’t get rid of the feeling. The butterflies before a meeting, or during a cold call. You can however try some meditation techniques to learn keep calmer.
  3. Ask yourself “What’s the worst that can happen?” – As humans we think we’re putting everything at risk when we do something we’re afraid of. This is not the case and chances are it really takes nothing to pick up the phone. Me being in my 20s I have plenty of time to fail at with absolutely no risk.
  4. Just do it – This is what separates the Doers from the Dreamers. Everyone wants to be successful, but they don’t want to put in the work. If you really want to get something out of life you’re going to have to jump head first into what scares you the most. It just might reward you beyond what you’ve ever imagined.
  5. Celebrate every success – You did what you’ve set out to do, Congratulations! Was it really THAT bad? Maybe it was the little things like cleaning the house, or hitting the gym. Don’t let those things go unnoticed, you got past the fear and did. If you can see your progress you’ll be motivated to do more. Snowball into action without fear.

If this post has helped you please share it! I’d also like to hear about how you’ve gotten past fear.

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